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Customer communication: The key to remobilising housing appointments

By Localz

As lockdown measures ease, housing providers are gradually reinstating repair and maintenance visits. But with a...

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7 ways to connect with customers on the day of service

By Localz

Customer experience is now more important than ever. Measures that used to be seen as nice but unnecessary are now...

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How top retailers transformed customer experience during the pandemic

By Localz

Customer experience has been drastically affected by the global pandemic brought on by COVID-19. For many retailers,...

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Designing a customer counter app to protect staff and shoppers

Shortly after our team switched to remote working following Covid-19 restrictions, we asked ourselves: How could we...

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Count Me In: the clicker counter app for retailers

By Localz

Social distancing regulations have forced retailers to rethink everything, including how to reduce and manage in-store...

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The Gig Economy and Field Service: Customer Perception

By Localz

An important question remains when it comes to the gig economy. What about the perception of the gig worker in the eyes...

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FieldAware Partners with Localz to Uberize the Day of Service for Customers

By Localz

FieldAware, the leader in made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service hub solutions, and Localz, the leader in real-time...

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Handling Delays and Uncertainty for an Uberized Day of Service

By Localz

We are part of a tech-savvy nation who have become accustomed to instantly connected services like Uber, Amazon Prime...

Tags: Customer Experience- Uberization- mobile workforce- field service

Debunking the Myths of the Gig Economy

By Localz

The gig economy is a buzzword that has been in the peak interest of the media over the past few years. Gig work is...

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Water 2020: “Uberizing” the Water Sector

By Localz

In many ways, the third decade of the twenty-first century is shaping up to be the age of the consumer – and industries...

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Gig Economy: Pros and Cons

By Localz

The field service sector is one that uses a blended workforce, utilising both internal and 3rd party labour, and this...

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Customer Feedback – What’s The Point?

For many years, the measurement of customer satisfaction [CSAT] has played an important and high-profile role in the ...

Tags: Customer Experience- Field Services- housing- mobile workforce

COVID-19: How To React, Recover and Restore

By Localz

We’re helping our partners and customers rapidly evolve their day of service strategies to adapt to COVID-19. This...

Tags: Customer Experience- mobile workforce- field service- COVID-19

Why Field Service Needs The Gig Economy [Video]

By Localz

The pressure on field service companies is perhaps greater than it ever has been. As we, as a society embrace an...

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COVID-19: Checklist For Contactless Click & Collect

Consumers are continuing to shift their shopping behaviour to Click & Collect and home delivery as they seek to comply...

Tags: Collection- Customer Experience- COVID-19

How Field Service Companies Can Embrace The Grown Up Gig Economy

There are around  4.7 million gig workers in the UK at the moment. Consumer demands for “instant” everything has led to...

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COVID-19: The Impact On Customer Experience and Your Mobile Workforce

By Localz

There is no longer ‘business as usual.’ Customer awareness, concern, and reaction to COVID-19 is rapidly shifting...

Tags: Customer Experience- field service- COVID-19

Knock knock....who’s there? Safeguarding Customers and Mobile Workers

In these extraordinary times, we are all hyper-aware of who we are interacting with on a day-to-day basis. This...

Tags: Customer Experience- field service- COVID-19

Wates Living Space Introduces Innovative New Tracking Service

By Localz

Leading affordable housing maintenance provider, Wates Living Space, has introduced a new repairs and maintenance...

Tags: Customer Experience- Field Services- housing- mobile workforce

Why Proof of Delivery Is a Game Changer In The Equipment Rental Industry

By Localz

In today’s digital age, complex proof of delivery workflows are becoming a necessity for heavy equipment rental...

Tags: Field Services- mobile workforce- Tool Hire

How To Increase First-Time Access Rates In 2020

By Localz

Living in an on-demand economy has consequential effects on standard service appointments. Four hour service windows...

Tags: Customer Experience- Field Services- housing- utilities- mobile workforce- Building and Construction Equipment- Press

DWSS “Uberizes” The Day Of Service

By Localz

DW is a leader in responsive repairs and it is vital to keep innovating and updating its services to meet continually...

Tags: Customer Experience- Field Services- housing- mobile workforce- Press

Redesigning Products for a Better Customer Experience

Localz aims to make the day of service awesome. The customer web portal is the main point of interaction between your...

Tags: UI- user experience- customer expectations- product-led- on my way- Uberization- field service- user centred design- software development

Measuring Tenant Satisfaction Using Real-Time Feedback

By Localz

As a housing provider or contractor, how do you measure satisfaction around repairs and maintenance appointments?

The ...

Tags: Customer Experience- Field Services- housing- mobile workforce

Inside HSS Hire's Digital Transformation

By Localz

HSS Hire is a leading supplier of tool and equipment rentals in the UK with over 200 local branches. The company...

Tags: Customer Experience- Field Services- mobile workforce- Building and Construction Equipment

3 Ways To Increase Collection Success

By Localz

How much is your last mile strategy worth? For heavy equipment rental and leasing companies, every day matters when it...

Tags: Customer Experience- Field Services- mobile workforce- Building and Construction Equipment

5 Ways Utility Companies Use Localz To Elevate Customer Experience

By Localz

Today’s digitally connected consumer has come to expect transparency, visibility and control over their schedule. ...

Tags: customer service- Customer Experience- Field Services- Utility- utilities- mobile workforce

The Vulnerability Challenge

By Localz

Over the last 20 years technology has revolutionised every aspect of our lives. The ways we socialise, shop, learn and...

Tags: Customer Experience- mobile workforce- COVID-19

2019 Year In Review

By Localz

2019 was a big year for Localz.

Over 45,697,600 moments of happiness were delivered on the day of service through...


Building a Culture of Agility to Exceed the Pace of Change

We have never lived in a more connected world. Everyone and everything is ‘on’ at all times and the pace of development...

Tags: customer service- Agile- change- Customer Experience- Field Services- transformation- mobile workforce

Insights From Field Service Europe 2019

Field service organizations are diving deep into their operations to attract the right people and transform services. ...

Tags: customer service- Customer Experience- Field Services- mobile workforce

What Your Customers Are Trying To Tell Your Mobile Workforce

By Localz

“The biggest challenge for us is to ensure that the customer is there.”

- Phil Sperring, Director at Wates

We’ve all...

Tags: customer service- Customer Connected- Customer Experience- Field Services- mobile workforce

5 Ways To Ensure A Frictionless Customer Experience

By Localz

Thanks to Uber and Amazon, B2C customer expectations are melding into the B2B world and beyond. This puts the pressure...

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What We're Looking Forward to at Field Service Europe

By Localz

Field Service Europe 2019 kicks off this week in Amsterdam with industry influencers gathering to discuss the...

Tags: Field Services- transformation- Disruption- Uberization- mobile workforce

AR in Field Service: Is this the death of the engineer?

By Localz

Emma Lampert, Global Head of Customer Success at Localz has been selected to moderate the “Embracing The Next Phase Of...

Tags: Field Services- transformation- Disruption- mobile workforce

How The Top 20 In Field Service Are Innovating The Industry

By Localz

Field Service News recently announced their list of the Top 20 Leaders in Field Service for 2019. These innovators have...

Tags: Field Services- Tracking- transformation- on my way- mobile workforce

[INFOGRAPHIC] Rising to the B2C Challenge

By Localz

Today’s individual economy drives customer expectations for higher levels of engagement, communication and transparency...

Tags: Technology- User engagement- user experience- Utility- customer expectations- on my way

Housing Repairs - keeping up with the Joneses (or Amazon, Uber, DPD…)

In the last year I have increasingly heard housing associations and repairs contractors recognising the fact that...

Tags: Tracking- transformation- customer expectations- on my way- housing- Uberization

3 Takeaways From Field Service Connect 2019

By Localz

Field Service Connect 2019’s top theme was today’s customer who expects connected and sophisticated service. Companies...

Tags: Field Services- Tracking- transformation- customer expectations- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

Uberizing the Utilities Sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are in the fourth industrial revolution the IConomy, everything is digital, on-demand and putting consumers in...

Tags: innovation- transformation- on my way- utilities- Uberization- mobile workforce

Localz are Uberizing the future of Utilities

By Localz

Following the success of the Innovation Day: the first Uberization event, Localz will be joining industry leaders at ...

Tags: Field Services- innovation- transformation- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

Uberization: Fad or Fiction?

Field Service in the early decades of the twenty-first century is an increasingly tricky beast to tame. Customer...

Tags: innovation- transformation- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

Era of the who?

What is happening to the ‘era of the customer’? 

Right now, I feel a little peeved off. 

It’s meant to be the era of...

Tags: Field Services- user experience- Delivering Happiness- customer expectations- mobile workforce

The ‘Uberization Event’ - London - 26th September 2019


‘Uberization’ is now listed in the Cambridge dictionary. And it is used daily all over the world to symbolise the...

Tags: innovation- transformation- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

Global Climate Strike

How can going on strike align with your corporate values?

While we strive to live to our values every day at Localz,...

Tags: People- staff performance- UK- Delivering Happiness- customer expectations- mobile workforce- Messaging- USA

Localz partners with MessageMedia

Joining forces to make the day of service awesome for customers

Localz is feeling great to be working with fellow...

Tags: user experience- Australia- on my way- Messaging- SMS

Localz Brings 'Uberization' to Field Service Amelia Island 2019

By Localz

“80% of companies believe they deliver super customer experiences,” but in contrast only “8% of their customers agree.”

Tags: Field Services- mobile technology- Tracking- transformation- User engagement- customer expectations- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

The Power of Mobilising the Service Desk

As retail evolves, where does the service desk fit? Speak to anyone in retail and they will tell you it is tough out...

Tags: Collection- customer expectations- product culture

The Magic of the Shrinking ETA Window

Field service and delivery businesses have invested huge amounts of money in scheduling and predictive analysis to try...

Tags: Collection- Delivery- customer expectations- product culture- Uberization

iOS13 Will Be an Unlucky Number for Businesses with a Mobile Workforce

In many cultures, 13 is often considered a lucky number, but there is a new feature in Apple’s latest release of its...

Tags: Tracking- user experience- Disruption- customer expectations- Uberization- mobile workforce

Localz Named Top Field Service Solution Provider

By Localz

Field Service News  has scoured the global market over the past 12 months to find the most innovative solutions in the...

Tags: Field Services- mobile technology- Tracking- transformation- User engagement- customer expectations- on my way- Uberization- mobile workforce

Rampant Uberification/ Uberization of Services

Uber has not only entered the dictionary, it has turned the service world on its head setting a whole new standard for...

Tags: Tracking- transformation- customer expectations- Uberization

Ride Along with OVO Energy

OVO Energy has partnered with Localz, leading experts in delivering awesome on the day service, to automate and improve...

Tags: Customer Success Stories- user experience- utilities

Collection vs Delivery

Collection and pick-up services are now a mandatory part of the mix for retailers. With fast delivery being the big...

Tags: Collection- Delivery- customer expectations

Customer Centricity: Lessons from the Energy Sector

By Localz

The utilities industry is currently in a transitional period, moving from a commodities business model to a service...

Tags: transformation- customer expectations- on my way- water

How will the water sector be impacted by C-MeX?

The water sector may have had a monopoly but the demand has come to improve customer experience. The arrival of ...

Tags: customer expectations- water- utilities

Market Stats in Field Services

By Localz

Today’s individual economy drives customer expectations for higher levels of engagement, communication, and...

Tags: customer service- Field Services- innovation- on my way

Driving Efficiencies in Housing

By Localz
It’s a common perception that the Housing sector has fallen behind with technology. However, it’s becoming absolutely...

Tags: customer response- customer service- innovation- on my way- housing

Stay hydrated at Twenty65 with Lessons from the Energy Sector

By Localz


The annual TWENTY65 conference is just around the corner.

Emma Lampert, Head of Customer Success at Localz will be...

Tags: User engagement- user experience- customer expectations- on my way

Utilities customers want communication their way | Localz

By Localz

Uber, deliveroo, Amazon and eBay have transformed consumer communication expectations. Consumers are now conditioned to...

Tags: Field Services- Last Mile- user experience- Utility

Trying to meet customer expectations? Give up….

Over the past four weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the field service and logistics...

Tags: Collection- Delivery- customer expectations- product culture

Top 5 Tips for Retailers to win in the IConomy

Consumers today expect to be treated as individuals. They are all about ‘What I want, where I want, when I want’.


Tags: Collection- Retail- Australia

Buy versus Build - To build, or not to build, that is the question.

By Localz

We sat down with Ross Nelson, IT Manager for Belron International, who shared his insights on the main considerations...

Tags: Technology- transformation- Belron

Showcasing at the Toughbook Innovation Forum 2019

Localz are delighted to be joining industry leading software experts at the Toughbook Innovation Forum 2019. Our...

Tags: Events- Field Services- innovation

Who will win Christmas Peak?

Guest blog by Nimmity Zappert, Operational Velocity Manager at Localz

Christmas Peak won’t be won by the retailer with...

Tags: Christmas- Guest Blog- ICurve

2018 Retrospective: What happened at Localz this year?

By Tim Andrew, Localz CEO

While we have a number of dogs in our lives/at the office, our connection with canines...

Tags: Christmas- real-time- Delivering Happiness

The “intrusive” smart meter: be careful not to add insult to injury

There are growing concerns over the smart meter rollout in the UK. With mixed messages and false advertising consumers...

Tags: Customer Success Stories- user experience- Utility- Smart Meters

Field Service customers want communication their way in 2018

Uber, deliveroo and eBay have transformed consumer communication expectations. Consumers are conditioned to expect...

Tags: Field Services- Last Mile- mobile- user experience

The Emotional Irrational and Uneconomic Consumer

One of the highlights for Localz this year was to host our Leaders Lunch held at the Fox Classic Car Museum. We were...

Tags: Customer Experience- Iconomy- Last Mile- on demand

Anxiously Waiting - Delivering stress free services to today's consumers

Research by Localz and YouGov revealed a shocking 71% of respondents felt physical and emotional disturbance around...

Tags: Customer Experience- Iconomy- Last Mile- ICurve

Localz values: helping us scale sustainably

When a business is growing as rapidly as Localz is, it’s very easy to lose touch with what made you the special company...

Tags: People- Values- Delivering Happiness

Logistics isn’t just Driving Trucks

Women in Logistics: Logistics is changing – Australia needs to catch up.

Tags: Logistics- Disruption- Women in Logistics

With Australia’s Parcels 2x Digit Growth, the Focus is on Delivery Process!

We know parcel shipping volumes have been on the up, but what’s surprising is the scale of the surge. 

Tags: Customer Experience- Iconomy- Research- E-retail

The Future of Delivery and Field Service Technology Solutions Seminar

Localz joins Exaactly and what3words on Thursday 14th June 2018 for a seminar for customer-centric technology leaders.

Tags: Delivery- Events- Field Services- Zebra

All Change! Utility Companies are being Forced to Mobilise

The Iconomy is affecting Utility customers' expectations

Tags: Events- Iconomy- Utility

Delivery is the Critical Link in Customer Experience

We talk about the Individual Economy #Iconomy - the fact that today’s shoppers demand their orders, when and where they...

Tags: Customer Experience- Events- Iconomy- Last Mile- Retail

Delivering to the Irrational, Emotional and Uneconomic Consumer

The majority of established enterprise businesses involved in the delivery of products or services to end consumers are...

Tags: Customer Experience- Iconomy- Last Mile- People

Utilities and Services: Customer Service is the Boardroom Topic of 2018

What was clear at last week’s Future of Utilities Summit was that customer experience expectations set by other...

Tags: Events- Field Services- Iconomy- Last Mile- Utility

Consumers are Forcing Changes in How Retailers and Carriers do Business

Delivery can ‘make or break’ a brand’s reputation. 

Tags: Delivery- Iconomy- Last Mile- Research

Introducing Iconomy Fulfilment at the Next Retail Fulfilment Summit

Tim Andrew CEO and founder will talk about the impact of the ‘On Demand Economy’ trending across all areas of retail. 

Tags: Collection- Events- Iconomy- Last Mile- Retail- Summit

Discussing the Rapid Changes in Demands Around Delivery

Our CEO Tim Andrew joins Bea Warner of Exaactly, Andrew Mukerjee of Brisqq, David Saenez of Stuart and Alex Perez Fagero

Tags: Delivery- Events- Iconomy- Last Mile- on demand

What Will 2018 Bring For Last Mile Delivery?

Delighted to kick off the year with a guest post by Localz friend and retail expert, Jonathan Reeve, giving his...

Tags: Delivery- Last Mile- trends

Delivering Happiness

Every business needs a higher purpose, a reason to exist that both leads and transcends what the business does on a day...

Tags: Collection- Delivery- Happiness- Iconomy- People

Localz Dev Team Head to Global Facebook Hackathon Final

Hackathons are innovation challenges for skilled developers. Earlier this year (06/05 to 07/05), Nathan Malishev, Josh...

Tags: Design- Events- Hackathon- High Tech- Technology

Localz is a Finalist in the Australian Supply Chain Awards 2017

Localz has been named as a finalist in the prestigious ASCL Awards 2017 in the International Supply Chain category. The...

Tags: Award- Delivery- DPD- Events- Last Mile- Location- micro-location

"Thriving in the Iconomy."

A line up of technology, logistics and location legends were on the panel, “Surviving the on-demand revolution” at the...

Tags: Delivery- Iconomy- Last Mile- Retail Week

Localz Closes Series a Round to Deliver Happiness

Localz technology helps leading global logistics, retail and service companies to pivot from a company whose customers...

Tags: Delivery- Last Mile- Logistics- Retail

Introducing IConomy Fulfilment

By Thomas

A few months back, Localz was struggling to define the category we are growing into dominating. It’s part supply chain,...

Tags: customer service- Delivery- Iconomy- Last Mile- Location- Proximity

Whitepaper: What are Customer Expectations at the Last Mile?

Heightened customer expectations of what happens in the last mile of their buying journey have increased competition...

Tags: Collection- Delivery- Last Mile- Whitepaper

Meeting The Expectations Of The Amazon Generation

By Thomas

There is an increasing trend for every shop and e-commerce outfit to want to be like Amazon. It is understandable for...

Tags: Amazon- Last Mile- Marketing

Localz And Reelyactive Partner To Create Smart Spaces

Localz and reelyActive are partnering to use the latest in location technology to create smart spaces.

Tags: Beacon- Partners- reelyactive- Retail- smart space

Kontakt Beacons in Berlin

Localz was excited to join the sneak preview of Kontakt's new Proximity Studio in Berlin. The VIP Launch Party...

Tags: Beacon- Berlin- kontakt- Partners

Whitepaper: Why Do Smartphone Users Allow Access To Location?

For the latest innovations in mobile customer experience to be effective, customers must allow access to location...

Tags: Beacon- Bluetooth- geofence- Location- Micro-Location- Whitepaper

7 Key Challenges with Last Mile Delivery

Low inventory levels, long queues and heavy shopping bags after a busy day at work. Just a few of the reasons why UK...

Tags: Collection- Costs- Last Mile- Location

Localz Partners with Stratacache

Localz is very excited to announce our new partnership with Stratacache, digital signage experts. Together Localz...

Tags: Stratacache- Customer Experience- Digital- Location- Partners- Retail

Product Update: Localz Click & Collect

Localz is constantly working to improve Localz Click & Collect solution. This latest update gives users the ability to...

Tags: Collection- Features- Product Update

Blurring the Lines Between Online and Offline

Modern shoppers don’t shop online or offline – they just shop. If a customer is browsing online and receives a great...

Tags: Customer Experience- geofence- Location- Micro-Location- Woolworths

5 Ways Location Technology Can Improve Banking Service

The banking industry is one of the many industries affected by digital disruption. Banks are looking to meet customer...

Tags: Banking- Frictionless Checkout- Location- Micro-Location- Payments- POS- Tokenised payment

Localz & Teradata Killer Retail Experience: Part Two

What makes a killer retail experience? Retailers need to think about delivering a unique experience, which is relevant...

Tags: Customer Experience- digital receipts- Events- online- Retail

Localz Last Mile Delivery for DPD UK

 DPD has launched Your DPD, a new mobile app which allows customers to track their deliveries. Customers can update...

Tags: Customer Success Stories- Delivery- DPD- Last Mile

4 Key Steps to Guide your Customer Through an Omni-Channel Journey

App…email…in-store…wait, where is my customer going now?

Tags: Guest Blog- offline- omni-channel- online- Partners- Research- user experience

Product Update: Beacon Toolkit

In the past few weeks, we started to share with you what our developers have been up to. Before we get into that, let’s...

Tags: Beacon- product information- Spotz- UI

Top 6 Best Practices to Maximise take up of Location Services

At first glance, the results of our survey and research make sober reading. Especially for beacon manufacturers. The...

Tags: App- Beacon- BLE- Bluetooth- Location- Micro-Location

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Click and Collect Service

In recent years, click and collect has become very popular to the extent that it is now a vital offering for any large...

Tags: Collection- Delivery- online- service desk- time-saving

Localz attended Business Rocks 2016

Last week, Localz travelled to Manchester to attend one of the most exciting events this year Business Rocks 2016. With...

Tags: Apple- Business Rocks- Events- Jeff Hoffman- Steve Wozniak- technology summit

The Use of Location Services, Based on One Million People

In a previous blog, we published the results from our online survey, where respondents explained under what...

Tags: Android- Beacon- BLE- Bluetooth- devices- iOS- Micro-Location

Why In-Store Mobile is Massive for Retailers and their Customers

In 2015, for the first time ever, smartphones overtook laptops as the UK’s most widely-used internet-enabled devices...

Tags: App- Beacon- Guest Blog- in-store- Location- mobile- Retail

Localz Survey Results: 80% of Smartphone Users Enable Location Services

Our most frequently asked question: "How many people have Location Services and Bluetooth activated on their...

Tags: App- customer service- Location- Micro-Location- smartphone users- survey results

Top 3 Ways to Improve Last Mile Delivery

With the growing number of online-only retailers, multi-channel retailers face the challenge of fulfilling customers’...

Tags: Amazon- Delivery- Last Mile- Oc&C- Retail Week

Find the Perfect Match

What if there is a simple way to receive pairing recommendations on your device whilst walking between aisles in a...

Tags: Beacon- Location- Micro-Location- Retail- Use Cases

Click & Collect solution business case - best resources

Writing a business case to deploy or enhance click & collect offerings in retail? We’ve assembled a collection of the...

Tags: Collection- Retail

Whitepaper: 7 Digital Trends for Mobile

With 76% of adults in the UK owning a smartphone, marketers are presented with the great opportunity to connect...

Tags: customer engagement- Digital- Marketing- mobile- Use Cases- Whitepaper

Easter Egg Hunt of the Future

Easter is just a few days away and all the shops are stocked with thousands of chocolate eggs. Children around the...

Tags: Digital- KPMG Treasure Hunt- Location- Micro-Location- Use Cases

Top 3 reasons why UK shoppers use click and collect

Shopping for products online and collecting the order from a local store later has changed the way customers shop. With...

Tags: Collection- Delivery- Retail- time-saving- UK

Did Your Mobile-First Strategy Get Stuck in a Mobile-Online Rut?

Imagine how difficult a journey would be if you could only use one means of transport. You can either walk, ride a...

Tags: Guest Blog- Mobile-First- Strategy- Thunderhead- user experience

Product Update: Localz Spotz has new visual indicator for developers

We have done this to make the Localz Spotz platform a safer place and reduce the risk of unwanted changes to...

Tags: developers- Product Update- Spotz- visual indicator

Localz and Stratacache at RBTE 2016

Over the past two days, Localz exhibited at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) 2016 in Olympia, London. The...

Tags: Stratacache- Collection- Events- Location- Retail

Product Update: New Spotz Menu Structure

At Localz we’re continuously looking to make our Localz Spotz platform easier to setup and manage - so we went back to...

Tags: Applications Menu- Product Update- SDK- Spotz

The increased need for a human connection in retail

While talking at the recent Killer Retail Experience about the blurring of the lines between online and offline...

Tags: Collection- Human Connection- Micro-Location- Retail- Value

Localz and Teradata Event: Killer Retail Experience 2016

Yesterday, Localz was part of an amazing event, called the Killer Retail Experience. We co-hosted this event with our...

Tags: Collection- Events- Peerius- Retail- Teradata

Guest Blog from Bit10:The New Location-Based User Experience

 This guest blog post was written by Mick McLaughlin, Head of Digital Marketing at Bit10.

Tags: Bit10- Guest Blog- Location- mobile- Partners- user experience

Localz Improved Customer Experience in Woolworths Australia: Part Two

This is part two of the series on how Localz has helped Woolworths Australia improve customer service using location...

Tags: Customer Success Stories- product information- real-time- Retail- Woolworths

Localz at NRF 2016

Localz was excited to be at National Retail Federation's 105th Annual Expo in New York City. The biggest retail event...

Tags: Stratacache- Events- NRF- Retail

Localz Improved Customer Experience in Woolworths Australia: Part One

“This is much more professional and matching the in-store experience with that experience online. It’s all about...

Tags: Beacon- Collection- order collection- Retail- Woolworths

Guest blog from HTK: Personalised Loyalty and Rewards

Studies have found that 70% of online customers buy just once and never return. And who can blame them? There’s plenty...

Tags: Guest Blog- Location- Loyalty- Partners- personalisation- rewards

Location Technology Changing the World of Mobile Gambling

Since the launch of the first online gambling offering in 1995, online gambling has grown into a well-established...

Tags: Entertainment- gambling- Location- Micro-Location- mobile gambling- sports betting

Localz Selected for Australia-United States Business Week 2016

Localz is pleased to be selected to attend the first Australia-United States Business Week (AUSBW) from 16th until 26th...

Tags: AUSBW- Austrade- Business Week- Digital- Events- trade delegation

Home Automation by Localz and Janus at ISE 2016

Localz’ partner, Janus Technology, is exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam from 9th February...

Tags: Events- home automation- ISE 2016- Janus Technology- Location- Partners

7 Digital Mobile Trends for 2016

For years, mobile has been heralded as the most important area of focus for marketers. In 2016, this is only going to...

Tags: digital marketing- Marketing- mobile- Teradata

Localz Last Mile Improves Delivery

Ordering items online and getting them delivered at home is a popular choice for many shoppers. Having the convenience...

Tags: customers- Delivery- DPD- Last Mile- Use Cases

Click & Collect Results for UK Christmas 2015

An increasing number of retailers offer a Click & Collect service to make the customer shopping experience simpler,...

Tags: Christmas- Collection- John Lewis- online- Retail

Localz Partners with Thunderhead

London – January 27, 2016 - Localz is excited to announce their partnership with Thunderhead, a recognised leader in...

Tags: micro-location technology- mobile- Partners- Thunderhead

Beacon-Triggered Coupons to Reach 1.6 Billion in 2020

As the number of mobile shoppers continues to rise, retailers are looking for various ways to engage with their...

Tags: Beacon- brand loyalty- Juniper Research- mobile coupons- Retail

Seven Ways Beacons Benefit Customers

Since the introduction of iBeacon by Apple in 2013, more and more companies have embraced beacon technology and applied...

Tags: Beacon- delivery tracking- discounts- indoor navigation- offers- Retail

Localz Partners with Dusk Mobile

Localz is proud to announce a new partnership with Dusk Mobile, an enterprise mobile solutions company. Dusk Mobile has...

Tags: Beacon- Dusk Mobile- micro-location technology- Partners- staff performance

Highlights of 2015

2015 was a very successful year for Localz. Enjoy this video with selected events, awards and hackathons from 2015!

Tags: Award- Events- Hackathon- Marketing- Partners

What Retailers Should Expect in 2016

It is December, the season of thinking ahead and planning for the New Year. With 2016 around the corner, retailers...

Tags: Beacon- IoT- Marketing- mobile commerce- Retail- trends

Top Three Retailers’ Strategies During the Christmas Period

Christmas is in seven days and people are panicking about presents. Store shelves are filling up with extra stock and...

Tags: Adverts- Christmas- discounts- Marketing- Retail- Same-day delivery

More Push Notifications and Customers' Responses on Black Friday 2015

A Black Friday shopping report published by Localz' partner Urban Airship, showed that the number of customers shopping...

Tags: customer response- Black Friday- Marketing- Push Notifications- Retail- Urban Airship

The Five Most Common Questions From Retailers

Over the past 6 months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a range of people from operations, business  insight,...

Tags: Apple- Eddystone- Google- Location- Micro-Location- Retail

Pocket App silver winners at Digital Experience Awards 2015

Localz congratulates our friends Pocket App for being the Silver Winners at the Digital Experience Awards 2015. They...

Tags: App- Charity/Not for Profit- Partners- Royal British Legion- UK

Localz Won IDEAS 2015, Organised by Dagrofa and CAPNOVA

Localz was chosen as the most creative innovator in the retail sector at IDEAS 2015, by impressing the audience with...

Tags: Dagrofa- Bikezac- CAPNOVA- Denmark- Events- IDEAS 2015- innovation- Retail

Localz Partners with Reward Technology

Localz is pleased to announce a new partnership with Reward Technology, offering a unique RFID loyalty program...

Tags: Loyalty- micro-location- Partners- Reward Technology- RFID

Localz a Finalist at CAPNOVA Dagrofa IDEAS 2015

Localz is excited to be one of the 17 finalists at the Danish innovation competition IDEAS 2015, sponsored and...

Tags: Dagrofa- CAPNOVA- Events- food industry- IDEAS 2015- Retail

Improving Staff Efficiency with Mobile Technology

Dusk Mobile works with large enterprises to solve efficiency challenges through introducing innovative mobile...

Tags: Beacon- Customer Experience- Dusk Mobile- Guest Blog- mobile technology- Partners- Staff Efficiency

Millennials are the Challenge for Marketers

Since the emergence of the Internet in the late 1980s, the world as we know it has changed radically. People around the...

Tags: Location- Marketing- Micro-Location- Millennials- Push Notifications- Technology

Localz Partners with Red Eye

Localz is delighted to announce a new partnership with RedEye, the UK customer relationship marketing expert. The core...

Tags: Customer Experience- digital marketing- Location- Partners- RedEye

Localz at Business Innovation Summit 2015

Last week, Localz was proud to participate in the HSBC and KPMG Business Innovation Summit 2015. The summit consisted...

Tags: Business Innovation Summit- Events- HSBC- innovation- KPMG- start-ups- Technology

Localz Partners with HTK

Localz is excited to announce our new partnership with HTK, a UK leader in cloud software for Real-Time Customer Value...

Tags: HTK- HTK Horizon- Location- omni-channel campaigns- Partners

Localz Wins Sainsbury’s Director Advisor Experience

 Another win for Localz. This time, we won an Enterprise Nation competition, which provided us with James Bailey, a ...

Tags: competition- Enterprise Nation- Events- James Bailey- Sainsbury's

Are Retailers Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday. One of the biggest shopping days of the year, where retailers sell products at the lowest prices...

Tags: customer service- Deals- Black Friday- Customer Experience- Location- Micro-Location- Retail

Balancing Privacy with Customer Service

Retailers need as much information as possible about their customers in order to provide the best customer experience....

Tags: Bluetooth- Customer Experience- GPS- Location- Micro-Location- privacy- Privacy & Security- retailer

Localz Partners with Future Platforms

Localz is pleased to announce a new partnership with multi-talented mobile and e-commerce specialist, Future Platforms...

Tags: digital agency- Future Platforms- Partners

Geo-fencing or Beacons?

The buzz around businesses using location technology to connect with their customers via their smartphones is quite...

Tags: Beacon- Geo-fencing- Location- Micro-Location- Retail

How Not to Drive Your Customers Away

John Timmerman, Teradata’s Global Industry Evangelist, inspired an article in CMO recently titled Five epic marketing...

Tags: Beacon- Customer Experience- Marketing- micro-location technology- Retail- Teradata- Woolworths

When delivering and shipping goes wrong

Do you remember a time when you had problems with your delivery service or package?

Tags: Customer Experience- Delivery- Location- Micro-Location- shipping

Want to find more about our IBM SmartCamp win?

Localz was honoured to be the IBM SmartCamp Australia winner this year. The award was given to the startup company that...

Tags: Events- IBM- Startup

Localz Partners with Janus Technology

Localz has signed a partnership with Janus Technology, a consultancy company which specialises in technology...

Tags: consulting- Janus Technology- micro-location technology- Partners

Digital Transformation Conference 2015

On the 22nd October at Hotel Russell in London, Tim Andrew, Commercial Director at Localz, presented at Digital...

Tags: Beacon- change- Conference- Digital- Events- fear of change- GPS- Location- middle management- QR codes- transformation- WiFi

Localz wins Connected Customer award during Retail Recharged

On Tuesday, 20th October 2015, Localz won the Connected Customer award during Retail Recharged. This win is a result of...

Tags: Award- Customer Connected- Location- Media- Retail

Localz partners with Bit10

This week, Localz is adding a new partner to the list: Bit10. We are looking forward to working with the digital agency...

Tags: digital agency- micro-location- Partners- Technology- user experience

Localz is Breaking Big at Teradata 2015 Partners

Following Teradata and Localz announcing a global partnership, Localz is looking forward to attending the Teradata 2015...

Tags: Beacon- Events- micro-location- Partners- Teradata

Localz exhibited at KDS Retail Solutions Day 2015

The last couple of weeks have kept Localz particularly busy with participation in a number of events around the world....

Tags: Events- KDS Retail Solutions- micro-location- Retail

Teradata and Localz Announce Global Partnership

Localz is excited to announce a global partnership with Teradata. The partnership enables business to provide customers...

Tags: Beacon- global- micro-location- Partners- Teradata

Can beacons transform the gaming world?

I still remember my childhood, where phones were not part of my daily life. A time when I had to go to my friends’...

Tags: Beacon- Games- micro-location- mobile

Localz and Rufus Leonard Announce Partnership

Localz is excited to announce our new partnership with Rufus Leonard, the number one digital agency of 2015, according...

Tags: Beacon- digital agency- micro-location- Partners- rufus leonard

Localz at JLAB 2015 Award Event

Ever since Localz won the John Lewis’s first ever incubator JLAB in 2014, we have been curious to see who will take our...

Tags: Award- Events- JLAB- John Lewis- Partners

Does location technology mean the end of queueing?

The Guardian article, Does tech mean the end of the line for queuing? (Anne Cassidy, 1 October 2015), suggested that...

Tags: Beacon- Collection- Micro-Location

Tim Andrew at Meet the Makers x Retail Innovations conference

Tags: Drugstore- Events- micro-location- Publicis- Retail

Localz at the JustGiving Awards 2015

Being part of an event such as JustGiving Awards 2015 meant a lot for the Localz team, with the special invite from our...

Tags: Beacon- Events- JustGiving- PayPal

Localz and Teradata at DMEXCO 2015

Last week Localz and our partner Teradata exhibited at DMEXCO 2015 (Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference) where...

Tags: Beacon- DMEXCO- Events- Teradata

Localz Runners-up in Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon

After the dust has settled, the coffee cups have been cleared away and the laptop lids have been folded back down, its...

Tags: Beacon- Collection- Customer Experience- Hackathon- Retail- Staff Efficiency

Localz wins IBM SmartCamp Australia 2015

Hot off the press – Localz are delighted to have won the top prize in IBM SmartCamp Australia after pitching against...

Tags: Beacon- IBM- Partners- Startup

Localz in Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon

Localz is excited to be selected as one of nine teams in the Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon. On 15th and 16th...

Tags: Collection- Events- Hackathon- house of fraser- PayPal- Retail Week

Click & Collect Part 3: The Customer Experience

Part three in the Click & Collect series. In this final chapter we look at the customer experience and how to create a...

Tags: Beacon- Collection- micro-location

Buying beacons: 88 questions so you don’t #fail

The Localz crew have been involved in over a dozen large scale, enterprise oriented, beacon deployments on three...

Tags: Beacon- Eddystone- Hardware

Click & Collect Part Two: Freeing Staff from the Desk

In Part Two in our series on the rise of Click & Collect, we look at innovative ways businesses are using beacons and...

Tags: Apple Watch- Collection

Assistive Beacons for the Vision Impaired

Smartphones and tablets have been paramount in providing accessibility features for its users. From dictation for the...

Tags: Assistive- Beacon- Life Sciences- Use Cases

The Click & Collect Phenomenon: Part One.

This is part one of our three part series on the rise of Click & Collect, and how top retailers are using location...

Tags: Collection- John Lewis- Retail

The Impact on Proximity Experiences Post Eddystone

Micro-location services enable you to digitally connect with people via their smartphone, based on their precise...

Tags: Beacon- Eddystone- micro-location- Proximity

Magic in a Wristband

Disney is arguably the birthplace of animated genius, creation and vision. Its uniqueness and concern with greatness...

Tags: Disney- Entertainment- Events- MagicBand- Use Cases

Pharmacy Deployment Of IBeacons

Just as medication has evolved and developed over time, as has our use of technology. We are now visiting pharmacies...

Tags: Beacon- Life Sciences- Pharmacy- Retail- Use Cases

Never Miss A Delivery Again

Online shopping has been the greatest addition to my life since discovering Pokemon in Primary School.

Tags: Beacon- Delivery- Retail- Tracking- Use Cases

The top 5 reasons iBeacon projects fail

There has been an immense amount of excitement and hype around iBeacon technology and what it can and will enable....

Tags: Beacon- Fail- micro-location

Beacons in Hospitals

Beacons are becoming more common place in public spaces like shopping centres and entertainment venues, but their...

Tags: Beacon- Life Sciences- micro-location- Use Cases

Cinema of the Future

In one of our last blog posts we explored some of the places people could benefit from a deployment of beacons. We...

Tags: Beacon- Entertainment- Events- micro-location- movies- Use Cases

A unique Supermarket Checkout Experience

Wallet, keys, phones, coupon codes, what else do you need to head down to the local supermarket? Sometimes it can feel...

Tags: Beacon- frictionless payment- Payments- Retail- Use Cases

A useful world of Beacons

A few places we want beacons to be up and running worldwide to ensure a more seamless experience for our day to day...

Tags: Beacon- Entertainment- Use Cases

The Modern Era Resort

Transform imagination into innovation. Localz Director of Business Devlopment, Chris DeRuiter, explores the potential...

Tags: Entertainment- Events- Hospitality- Travel- Use Cases

Beacons at RMIT

A university campus can sometimes feel like a never ending maze. More often than not it's quite large, spread out over...

Tags: Education- micro-location- Use Cases

Localz home of the future

We have all dreamed of the day our home becomes that little bit smarter. Maybe not quite Jetson level with our very own...

Tags: Android- Beacon- Home- Home of the future- iOS- micro-location- notificaitons- Use Cases

Using beacons to touch in and out of the London Tube

Touching in and touching out everyday can be annoying, especially when you’re prone to loosing your Oyster card to the...

Tags: Beacon- London- Transport- Travel- Use Cases

Never lose your dog again with beacon enabled collars

Coming home from work one day to find your four legged friend missing is an extremely stressful scenario. You're unsure...

Tags: Beacon- Collars- Home- Pets- Use Cases

The Localz Travel Series, Part Two.


Tags: Beacon- Hotel- micro-location- Travel- Use Cases

Conference engagement with beacons

Conferences can be informative, busy and fun all at the same time, but often they can be quite challenging.

Tags: Beacon- Conference- Events- Use Cases- User engagement

Beacons for our roads, easing congestion

Their isn't much information we cant access thanks to internet nor any area of interest we wont find ample resources...

Tags: Beacon- micro-location- Traffic- Travel- Use Cases

The Localz Travel Series, Part One.


Tags: Beacon- Events- micro-location- Travel- Use Cases

Bringing The Melbourne Immigration Museum to life with beacons

At Localz, we like to imagine the different experiences we could create by working with companies and organisations...

Tags: Beacon- Entertainment- Melbourne- micro-location- Use Cases

Apple Watch, the latest extension in iBeacons

At Localz, we love to work with the best, new and exciting technology to create engaging, targeted and relevant...

Tags: Apple Watch- Beacon- Marketing- Micro-Location

BPL Digital and Localz partner for Grand National Fast Track

What’s the most annoying thing about attending big events? Waiting in queues for a drink.

Tags: Customer Success Stories- Beacon- grand national

Finance and Discount Shopping Apps : Our Favourites

Keeping on top of daily, weekly and monthly finances can be hard. So we've compiled a short list of some of our...

Tags: App- discounts- finance- Marketing- Micro-Location- smartphone

Localz Beacon Technology at the Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival is coming to town and Localz has thought about how proximity services and...

Tags: Beacon- Events- Melbourne- Use Cases

Localz Sponsors Teradata ONE Marketing Festival

Localz are excited to be sponsoring the Teradata ONE Marketing Festival, at MGM Grand in Las Vegas from 12th to 13th...

Tags: Beacon- digital marketing- Partners- segment of one

Localz Beacon Treasure Hunt at KPMG Hacknet Berlin

On Wednesday, the Localz EU team travelled to Berlin, where we ran a beacon treasure hunt for KPMG Hacknet. Only days...

Tags: Beacon- Events- Hacknet- Partners- Privacy & Security- Use Cases

Localz at BattleHack London : The Wrap Up

After consuming almost 3 days worth Red Bull in 24 hours (or a normal amount for a developer) BattleHack London, hosted...

Tags: BattleHack- Beacon- Partners- PayPal

Hunt for that perfect pair of jeans with beacons

Imagine seeing the perfect jeans online, but you're sceptical, you've been fooled many times before believing that they...

Tags: Retail- Use Cases

Localz's time in the London PayPal offices - looking back on Start Tank


Tags: Braintree- Partners- PayPal- Start Tank

The ultimate beacon-enabled dining experience

Your favourite restaurant is serving happy hour drinks. They're giving away discounts and vouchers daily, but they have...

Tags: Beacon- Entertainment- Hospitality- micro-location- Use Cases

Australian Beacon Tech Startup Making its Mark in the UK

Localz, a beacon technology startup. that was founded in Australia, seems to be on a roll in the UK startup scene...

Tags: Beacon- incubtor- Media- micro-location- Startup

What could micro-location do for music festivals?

Music Festival apps aren't a new thing, in fact they are pretty well designed and provide a lot of great functions and...

Tags: Entertainment- Events- Use Cases

Localz partners with IBM to drive micro-location technology

Localz is excited to be selected into the exclusive IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, receiving $120,000 in credits on...

Tags: Beacon- IBM- micro-location- Partners- Startup

Top Beacon Security Risks

BLE Beacons leverage a common wireless standard that can be detected by nearly every modern smartphone. Because of this...

Tags: Beacon- Micro-Location- Privacy & Security

John Lewis to extend JLabs start-up incubator scheme to 2015

Speaking at The Drum’s Disruption Day event in London today, John Lewis innovation manager John Vary confirmed the...

Tags: Disruption Day- JLAB- John Lewis- Media- The Drum

Woolworths Plans Beacons Rollout to Improve Click-and-collect Service

Supermarket giant Woolworths has completed a proof-of-concept trial with one store using proximity marketing technology...

Tags: Customer Success Stories- Collection- Woolworths

Is Localz the future of mobile business?

As the divide between the online and offline worlds continues to blur, additional applications for this technology seem...

Tags: Media- Startup

Localz-A New Edge of Micro-location Services

The micro-location services are bridging the gap between online and offline connectivity. The service is inbounded by...

Tags: Beacon- Media- micro-location- Startup

John Lewis' Craig Inglis on having a start-up state of mind

Working with start-ups and embracing a culture of innovation can reveal a new approach to problem-solving, writes...

Tags: Craig Inglis- John Lewis- Marketing- Media

6 retailers looking for innovation through startups and experimentation

Localz, a business specialising in micro-location technology, was the winning startup of the first JLAB programme.

Tags: JLAB- Media- Technology

DPD Invites Start-Ups To Compete For New Technology

The scheme, similar to one set up by retailer John Lewis last year, is intended to get new technology developers to...

Tags: Delivery- DPD- Media- Startup

Canvas and Clicks - Ideas for a Connected Cirque du Soleil Experience

Photo: David Cantu https://www.flickr.com/photos/1wideopensky/8580324483/

Tags: Beacon- Cirque du Soleil- Entertainment- micro-location- Proximity- Use Cases

Supplier Relationship Management Lessons From The Car Industry

Speaking about his recent experience with a new car, Duncan Jones, a principal analyst at Forrester, said ambient...

Tags: Media

Teradata Acquires Mobile Marketing Automation Startup, Appoxee

Deal is the latest in a string of acquisitions for the vendor, and will see new omni-channel capabilities introduced...

Tags: Media- mobile- Startup- Teradata

NRF 2015: John Lewis Planning JLAB Heir

Department store chain John Lewis is set to run another start-up incubator in 2015, as the retailer plans to begin...

Tags: JLAB- Media

Comment: Google's retail boss on the digital trends to know about in 2015

In 2015, consumer expectations will reach new heights when it comes to shopping across channels and devices. To help...

Tags: Media

2014 – The Year in Review

Readers, if you’ve been with us all year you will know what a breathtaking 12 months it’s been in the mobile marketing...

Tags: Media

Retail Technology Year In Review: 2014

Mobile payment breakthroughs, website teething troubles, major retailer mergers and the growing importance of science...

Tags: Media- Retail- Technology

John Lewis to merge real and virtual worlds in innovation drive

John Lewis is placing digital innovation at the heart of its marketing agenda with a raft of initiatives designed to...

Tags: Media

Wait Is Over For Winner Of John Lewis Competition

John Lewis has bought a stake in a retail technology start-up as part of a plan to work with entrepreneurs who can help...

Tags: John Lewis- Media

What the Physical Web Means to Beacons and the Enterprise

Imagine walking up to a rental car and driving away in mere seconds--no time-consuming front counter interaction...

Tags: Beacon- Micro-Location- Use Cases

Interested in Retail? The 2014 BDO Spend Trend report is out.

Are you from, or interested in the Australian Retail Sector? The 2014 BDO Spend Trend report is out featuring updated...


Queues? In the future we don't need queues...

Photograph: Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

Tags: Customer Success Stories- Collection- Retail- Use Cases

Can Retailers Afford to Ignore the Relentless March of Innovation?

The old face of retail is being disrupted by new technologies and digital behaviour. But it will be those who can...

Tags: Media

Gracias a Localz, Muchos Australianos Ya No Tienen Que Hacer Filas

¿Cuántos de nosotros no quisiéramos evitar las filas? La startup australiana Localz quiere ayudar a las personas a...

Tags: Media

Queues? In The Future, We Don’t Need Queues

Localz, a new indoor GPS-led technology from Australia, is spearheading the collection of data about offline shoppers

Tags: Media

Localz wins National Australia Bank iDay Hackathon

Image: The Localz Team picking up the winners prize.

Tags: Agribusiness- API- Hackathon- Life Sciences- Micro-Location- Payments- Use Cases

Localz PD Named One of the Biggest Influencers in UK Digital Technology

Tech City Insider recently announced their TCi100 list of the 100 most influential people in digital business in the...

Tags: Micro-Location- Partners- PayPal

The Technology Opportunity For UK Shopping Centres

Department store John Lewis recently invested £100,000 in micro-location technology startup Localz, which guides...

Tags: Media- Technology- UK

Mobile Mentor And Iproximity Join Forces On Beacon Technology

Two A/NZ company will unite its technology and services with iProximity's customer solutions for proximity marketing

Tags: Media- mobile

Brands target consumers on buses with iBeacons trial

The trial is a partnership between transport company FirstGroup, out of home specialists Exterion Media and NFC...

Tags: Media

Teradata And Localz Partner Up On Proximity Marketing Tech

Marketing and analytics platform combined with Localz's microlocation solutions for beacon, geolocation to help...

Tags: Media- Partners- Teradata

Localz partners with Teradata

We've been working hard developing our integration and distribution partnerships and we're delighted to be able to...

Tags: Marketing- Partners

John Lewis to step up store-based omnichannel projects

John Lewis is poised to step up its focus on store-based omnichannel projects next year in a bid to make its customer...

Tags: Media

Asda trials in-store beacons

Asda is trialling beacon technology at a handful of stores in the UK, as it experiments with new formats to keep...

Tags: Media

What British Start-Ups Are Still Missing

This issue includes the new Spectator Money supplement, in which I hope you’ll find a bouquet of stimulating ideas. The...

Tags: Media- Startup

How to win a £100,000 pitch from 15,000 kilometres away

The work that the UKTI put in to attracting and supporting early stage businesses such as Localz makes you realise that...

Tags: Media

4 Retailers Using Digital & Mobile to Build Seamless Shopping Experience

The retailer is also fine-tuning plans to pilot new micro-location targeting technology from a start-up called...

Tags: Media

3 reasons to spend big bucks on a letter

We've been getting a lot of media recently following the announcements about winning JLAB and becoming part of PayPal's

Tags: Marketing

iPhone 6 winner!

Photo: Enzina receiving her prize from Tim, Commercial Director of Localz

Tags: Marketing

Oculus Rift Opportunities to Unite VR and In-store Experiences

John Lewis has started looking at what virtual reality (VR) technologies such as Oculus Rift could bring to the...

Tags: Media

White Goods Shoppers Sold On Internet Of Things Devices

Shoppers at John Lewis are making the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality in their homes as they look to connected...

Tags: Media

London Start-Up Accelerator Start Tank Welcomes First Five Members

Delivery app and mobile menu-ordering service amongst inaugral UK tech companies chosen to join Braintree and PayPal...

Tags: Media

Localz joins PayPal Start Tank

It's been a busy couple of weeks for the Localz team, particularly in Europe where, following on from the recent...

Tags: JLAB- micro-location- Partners- Payments- PayPal- Start Tank

Paypal Picks London Start Tank Participants

PayPal has selected the five UK tech startups that will move into its London offices for six months as part of a new...

Tags: Media- PayPal- UK

Localz Wins Twice In One Week

TECHCITYINSIDER100: The first week of October saw location-based technology provider Localz named winner of the...

Tags: Award- Media

JLab winner Localz selected by PayPal for startup programme - Tech World

Localz, the recently-crowned winner of the John Lewis business incubator JLab, received another boost this week as it...

Tags: Media

Winner announced for John Lewis competition, JLab

The John Lewis competition winner, selected from this year’s tech-incubator finalists, was announced as micro-location...

Tags: JLAB- John Lewis- Media

Localz Pockets USD160,000 To Locate Customers

Localz has pocketed GBP100,000 (USD160,000) to locate customers. The funding comes from UK retailer John Lewis’ tech...

Tags: Media

Micro-Location Startup Wins John Lewis's First Tech Business Incubator

Localz, a startup that uses positioning technologies including Apple’s iBeacons, WiFi and GPS to calculate a shopper’s...

Tags: Media

Localz Closer to Leaving its Mark on Legacy Technology

Micro-location startup Localz has raised £100,000 ($A187,000) after winning European omni-channel retailer John Lewis’...

Tags: Media

John Lewis investit 100.000£ dans l’Internet des Objets

John Lewis est l’une des chaînes de grands magasins au Royaume-Uni et compte plus de 43 entités à travers l’Angleterre,...

Tags: Media

Tech Firm Wins £100,000 John Lewis For Developing Shopping Software

A team of tech entrepreneurs have won a £100,000 investment in an initiative from John Lewis.

Tags: John Lewis- Media- Technology

Aussie Microlocation Startup Wins JLAB Investment

Localz, a Melbourne based micro location technology startup, has won an incubator investment from British department...

Tags: Media

Micro-Location Technology Company Localz Named First JLAB Winner

Start up business Localz has won £100,000 in investment and the chance to trial its micro-location technology with John...

Tags: Award- JLAB- Media- Micro-Location

John Lewis crowns Localz as JLAB winner

John Lewis has announced Localz, a start-up business specialising in micro-location technology, as the winner of JLAB,...

Tags: Media

iBeacon startup Localz win John Lewis' prize

The iBeacon startup were selected as the winners of the programme by a panel of experts following intensely fought...

Tags: Media

Localz wins JLAB!

For the past 12 weeks, Localz has been fortunate enough to participate in UK Omni-Channel Retailer, John Lewis’s first...

Tags: JLAB- John Lewis- Marketing- Micro-Location- micro-location- Partners- Winner

Beacons to Solve 'Click And Collect' Hassle Thanks to Mobile Payment

What an exciting time for beacon technology and retail. There has always been a lot of promise there, but finally it...

Tags: Media


John Lewis is investing £100,000 in beacon tech firm Localz as the UK retailer puts part of its efforts into the...

Tags: Media

John Lewis invests £100,000 in micro-location startup

Retailer John Lewis is investing £100,000 in technology startup Localz, which specialises in micro-location technology.

Tags: Media

“Localz” wins John Lewis’ technology incubator competition JLab.

Following a 12-week incubation period, the JLab panel has selected a winning company which has also received up to...

Tags: Media

Beacon tech firm Localz wins £100,000 John Lewis investment

John Lewis’s technology incubator scheme JLab has selected micro-location mobile start-up Localz as the winner of its...

Tags: Media

Localz wins JLAB competition to raise $160k from John Lewis

The retailer has invested $160k (£100k) in the startup, which supplies and manages iBeacon-like technologies, and...

Tags: Media

Beacons Firm Localz Wins John Lewis Incubator Prize

The Localz team spent 12 weeks shaping its solution within the JLAB scheme, and as the winning entry secures a £100,000...

Tags: Media

Beacon Technology Start-up Localz is the New JLab Incubator Winner

The ‘micro-location’ technology business wins £100,000 in investment as well as the chance to trial its solution with...

Tags: Media

John Lewis names tech startup Localz as the winner of JLAB

Localz, a micro-location in-store engagement system, was crowned the winner of JLAB, John Lewis's first technology...

Tags: Media

John Lewis crowns iBeacon startup Localz the winner of JLAB

Localz, a startup business specialising in 'micro-location technology', has been crowned the winner of John Lewis's...

Tags: Media

John Lewis Funds ‘Micro-location’ iBeacon Service

John Lewis is set to trial an iBeacon-backed mobile service that will serve promotions and product details to shoppers...

Tags: Media

Location-based tech firm Localz named John Lewis JLAB winner

Department store chain John Lewis has named location-based technology solutions firm Localz the winner of its JLAB...

Tags: Media

Tech Startup Localz Win John Lewis JLAB Incubator Award

Read full article

Tags: Award- JLAB- Media- Startup- Technology

Mobile Location Start-Up Localz Wins John Lewis’s Jlab

Localz, a start-up specialising in micro-location technology, has won John Lewis’ technology incubator competition JLab.

Tags: JLAB- Location- Media

Micro-location Tech Startup Localz is the Winner of JLabs

John Lewis today announced the winning startup of its first JLabs programme is Localz - a business specialising in...

Tags: Media

John Lewis Invests £100K in JLab Incubator Winner Localz

As winner of the JLabs scheme it will further develop its technology in conjunction with John Lewis to cater for the...

Tags: Media

Analysis: The final pitches at John Lewis’s technology incubator JLab

The winner of John Lewis’s start-up competition will be announced on Sunday. Retail Week went to hear the final...

Tags: Media

JLAB: meet the startups bringing John Lewis into the digital age

Britain's retail sector is one of the largest in the world, and a vital part of the UK economy. But for those retailers...

Tags: Media

Kega Retail Win With Seamless End-To-End Technology

Basket abandonment is one of the biggest problems retailers face in the online shopping journey but winners of Retail...

Tags: Media

John Lewis to seek ‘romance’ in beacon technology before committing

John Lewis wants to see evidence that beacon technology can be used to prompt emotive, "romantic” responses for...

Tags: Media

Is failure the new success story?

There’s been a flurry of announcements from retailers and brands this year about investments in start-ups, accelerators...

Tags: Media

My Big Privacy Dilemma With Micro Location & Beacon Services

Last week I asked one of the most respected names in identity, access management and data privacy to share his thoughts...

Tags: Marketing- Micro-Location- Privacy & Security

Shaping the retail experience of the future

Today marks day 1 of the London based and John Lewis backed JLAB initiative to "shape the retail experience of the...

Tags: Marketing

Teradata's Data-Driven Marketing Conference

We just wrapped up at the Teradata Connect conference in London.  It was a very inspiring set of discussions from...

Tags: Marketing

iBeacon Start-Up Chosen by John Lewis for Incubation

IBeacon technology has so much potential and it seems that UK retailer John Lewis knows that all too well.

Tags: Media

John Lewis backs tech startups

Upmarket UK department store chain John Lewis has chosen iBeacon, smart label and in-store digital engagement start-up...

Tags: Media

Analysis: John Lewis’s JLab selects five start-up finalists

John Lewis’s JLab initiative is one of the first start-up accelerators run by a major retailer in a bid to tap into the...

Tags: Media

Aussie Start Up Localz Entry into Prestigious UK Tech Innovation Program

Melbourne-based start up Localz.co, a company that specialises in helping large enterprise businesses integrate with...

Tags: Media

iBeacons, Smart-home and 3D Planning at the JLab incubator finals

John Lewis has picked five start-ups for its technology incubator scheme JLab following a heavy round of pitching at...

Tags: Media

John Lewis picks five start-ups for its business accelerator - Tech World

John Lewis has narrowed down the 163 start-ups that applied to be part of its JLAB business accelerator to five...

Tags: Media

Beacon Toolkit for iOS

Beacon Toolkit is now available in the app store!  It's totally free, as in no cost to you, no ads and no sharing of...

Tags: Beacon- Micro-Location

Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) for Android


Bluetooth Smart, aka Low Energy, has massive potential to transform the way we interact with digital things in the...

Tags: Android- Bluetooth

Relative & Absolute Location Services

We divide proximity technologies into complimentary categories - those for absolute and those for relative location...

Tags: Micro-Location

John Lewis launches technology incubator JLab for start-ups

John Lewis is launching a start-up incubator, JLab, in a bid to tap into innovative ideas from smaller technology...

Tags: Media

Apple's iBeacon certification program

Details about Apple's iBeacon certification program for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware devices were revealed...

Tags: Apple- Beacon- Micro-Location- micro-location

Localz delivers personalized advertising based on who's in-store

The gap between online and offline interaction is closing with the use of micro-location services. Think of it as...

Tags: Media

Delete by default: enter ephemeral marketing

Steve Chung, founder of Snapchat, was recently quoted saying delete is the new default action. Following his $3b...

Tags: Location- Marketing- Micro-Location

What’s The Best Micro-Location Technology?

The gap between online and offline interaction is closing with the use of micro-location services.  So what’s the best...

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Beyond the hype: what to look for in iBeacon and BLE hardware

There's a lot of hype and excitement about iBeacons and BLE hardware and the kind of interactions and use-cases that...

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iBeacon and BLE hardware: a commercial comparison


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Social, Local & Mobile Engagement to Put Bricks & Mortar Back in the Game

Incumbent retailers can’t ignore the shift in consumer shopping preferences to SoLoME.  Social, Local and Mobile E...

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